Dental Spa

What is a dental spa?

A dental spa is a perfect merger between relaxation and dentistry. It is a place where patients can receive necessary dental treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

According to the American Dental Association, dental spas ease patient anxiety. Surveys show over a quarter of adults said they hadn't visited a dentist in over five years due to fear of dental pain. Psychologists have concluded that dental spas actually relieve patient anxiety. The goal of dental spas is to replace dental phobia with a stress-free experience and a heightened level of comfort.

At Clarksville Dental Spa, our first priority is the patient. We value delivering high-level oral health care in a calm and soothing environment. We strive to eradicate the negativity associated with dental care by providing spa-like amenities in a comfortable setting. The Clarksville Dental Spa wants you to enjoy the outcome and the process; so sit back, relax and allow us to customize your dental care needs.


At Clarksville Dental Spa, we are proud to offer services to make your dental experience a pleasurable one. We offer various forms of sedation to achieve your maximum comfort level.

We also offer an array of complimentary amenities for your enjoyment. Relax in our ultra-leather treatment chairs that contour to your body with memory foam technology, fully equipped with massage controls and heat to enhance your comfortability. Inhale the fresh linen and lavender aromatherapy candles and enjoy a comfy spa blanket to take your experience to the next level.

At Clarksville Dental Spa, we believe enjoyment should be shared by the entire family. We treat children and invite them to play video games or read a book in our Kid's Corner! Don't worry. We have a refreshment center in case anyone gets thirsty!

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